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The Community Bank of Western Springs strives to provide a wide range of sophisticated services for its customers. Each service is designed to help enhance your banking experience with us. Click on any of the links below to learn more about the service.

Reorder Personal Checks

Personal Checks can be conveniently and safely reordered via the Internet with Deluxe. All you need is your Deluxe Personal Checks Reorder form or a sample of your checks and your e-mail address.

The online reorder process has three easy steps:

Step 1: Enter specific information about your checks from your reorder form or check sample. Deluxe then retrieves information about your personal checks from their customer files.

Step 2: Enter additional information such as Check Format, Box Quantity and Delivery Options to complete the order. You may also be able to choose a different check design.

Step 3: Review and place your reorder.

At the end of the transaction, you will see a message telling you the order has been received. You will also receive an Order Confirmation via e-mail.

Changes to your Personal Checks Reorder that can be made online:

  • Check Format
  • Box Quantity
  • Delivery Options

Changes to your Personal Check Reorder that will need to be made with a Personal Banker:

  • Updating personal information printed on your checks: name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Adding or removing a Symbol or Message
  • Changing a check design

Shipping outside the U.S.

Deluxe will only accept check reorders online that will ship within the United States, including Puerto Rico. Reorders to be shipped outside the U.S. or to Military Personnel at APO/FPO addresses must be handled with a Personal Banker.

Infrequent Orders

Information on personal check orders is stored for approximately 3 years. If you have not ordered personal checks with Deluxe or us within the past 3 years or if Deluxe cannot retrieve your order history, please contact one of our Personal Bankers.

To begin the reorder process, click here. You will be leaving our website. Once your order is complete, you will be given the opportunity to return to our website.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Contact a personal banker, (708) 246-7100, for more information and availability. 


Telebank helps track and control finances, all from the comfort of your home or office. Designed to save time and money, Telebank allows 24 hour access to bank accounts via the telephone. You can access current balances, transfer money between accounts, and much more. It is safe and secure…and free!

See how Telebank works


Dial our Telebank number (866) 721-2441 and follow the menu prompts. Once you've entered your confidential personal PIN #, you can:

  • Check on balances for all of your deposit accounts and loans
  • Access current rates
  • Request a fax of deposit account activity for current or past monthly statement
  • Confirm deposits, withdrawals, and checks that have been paid
  • Securely transfer funds between your accounts
  • Activate your ATM or Debit card
  • Receive Year to Date interest paid
  • Change PIN #

Confidential and Secure

Rest assured, Telebank is not only accurate, it is secure. We use the most advanced software and systems available that are protected by confidential personal PIN #. This means that only you will have access to your accounts. Your personal PIN #, combined with our state-of-the-art software, prohibits any outside parties from ever acquiring any data.

How to Sign Up

It's easy. Please contact any of our personal bankers for further instruction on accessing your accounts via Telebank.

International Business Services

We offer a comprehensive menu of international banking services to help you compete around the globe. Our team of experienced in-house professionals will meet all of your International Banking needs.

  • Foreign Exchange:
    • Over 80 currencies traded
    • Spot and Forward contracts
    • Up-to-the-minute rates on our stand alone web-based platform
    • FX Loans
  • Trade Finance:
    • Import Letters of Credit
    • Export Letters of Credit
    • Bankers Acceptance Financing
    • Standby Letters of credit
    • Documentary Collections
  • International trade advisory services
    • Letter of Credit and payment terms structuring
    • Foreign buyer and vendor credit reporting
    • Risk mitigation
  • SWIFT Address:
    • HBTCUS44 - under Community Bank of Western Springs®, a Wintrust Community Bank

For more information about Wintrust International Services, please contact Tom Beube, Director International Services, at (312) 291-2904.